Children’s Health Council is committed to training current and future professionals who work with children. Thousands of professionals throughout the country and internationally have benefited from our training.

Continuing Education for Behavioral Health Professionals

CHC offers Continuing Education courses taught on site by top professionals each year. Classes are accredited by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the American Psychological Association and are led by licensed professionals.

Continuing Education credits are offered for LMFTs, LCSWs, SLPs and Psychologists. Depending on the topic, classes can be a full day or half day. We have several Continuing Education workshops this year to support your professional growth. Please join us!

Download the NEW 2023-2024 course schedule (PDF).

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Continuing Education Sessions:

Additional Resources

  • Doctoral Internships with CHC + Stanford

    Did you know? CHC provides APA-approved advanced predoctoral training under the direction of Dr. Lydia Flasher for clinical or counseling psychology through a joint program with Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University. Learn more about the internship.

  • CHC Opens Clinical Office in Ravenswood

    Services begin this month in CHC’s new clinic location in East Palo Alto. Now in its 6th year, the Ravenswood Initiative provides bilingual and culturally-relevant educational support and behavioral and mental health services to kids and educators. Read the press release.

  • Clinical Evaluations & More to Support Executive Functioning

    Professionals in all roles encounter kids and teens who could benefit from Executive Functioning support. EF issues can present across multiple cognitive domains, and students with learning and attention differences face even greater challenges. CHC offers multiple pathways to support the growth of these core skills – from full evaluations to our ADHD Clinic, professional development to 1-on-1 student coaching. Learn what CHC can do to help.

Engagement Opportunities for Behavioral Health Professionals

Counselors Breakfast

School counselors and wellness staff across the Peninsula convene to share insight and trade tips about how build a safer, stronger school climate while addressing the mental health needs of students and families. Contact Michele White to learn more.

Leadership Collaborative for Teen Mental Health

Youth mental health agencies and allies took on the challenge of creating a unified community-wide spectrum of care for teen mental health, from prevention to intervention. By joining forces and working together, we will create actionable solutions that lead to healthier, more resilient teens and a supported community.

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